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Elya Miller

​​Private Violin and Piano Instructor

where to start

Violin/Piano Lessons in your home

I charge 40$ per 30 min violin lesson 

or 80$ an hour violin/piano lessons

Kids often become fascinated with learning to play the violin, and if so, they should be encouraged. The physical, mental, and social benefits of playing a musical instrument are well-known, but the violin offers some rather surprising additions.

Why is piano also a good choice for taking music lessons? The answer is that it can provide a basis for learning notes and rhythms, how to read music, and help develop your ear to learn piano chords. Taking beginning piano lessons is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of music which can be parlayed into different instruments in the future.

I also teach adults. Whether you played when you were younger and want to pick up your instrument again or you’re a complete beginner, I'm here to help to foster your musical interest!

For More Inquiry, 

Please Contact Me On This Number

1 (571) 265-1434

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